Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Monsters

With this post, I will continue my recently declared crusade against the media (literally declared within the context of this sentence, seeing as how my last two posts were about the media's attacks on society), by discussing what I believe to be a very serious issue at hand.
Look at the most popular musical stars of our time.
The New York Daily News website recently posted an article titled "World's Most Powerful Celebrities-2011." (see link here: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/world-powerful-celebrities-2011-gallery-1.82960) Number 1 on this list is Lady Gaga, who has preached moral relativity throughout her performing career and continues to promulgate anti-Catholicism and anti-Christianity in her public life. Thank God that the rest of the list contains other notably decent celebrities (namely U2, and yes, even Justin Bieber.) Lady Gaga calls herself a monster. When did that term become something to celebrate?
But I'm not going to make this post about how the media and society celebrate and promote binge drinking, drug use, sexual promiscuity, violence, materialism, and selfishness. (Though they do.)
This post is about what we can do about it.
I have always stood in strong opposition to society, but not until recently have I really taken action.
I saw this on a friend's Facebook page, and decided to check it out. Basically, it's an article explaining in detail how Madonna has always offended the Catholic faith and many other teachings of Christian teaching as well. And now, she is going to perform for the Super Bowl half-time show. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you something I recently realized. The NFL would never choose a celebrity who has promoted anti-semitism, racism, sexism, or anti-homosexuality. So what makes it okay to select a celebrity who promotes anti-Catholicism?
Lady Gaga is just a new Madonna. There's nothing original or talented about her or her music (she can sing, and I honestly wish she would sing good songs.) Madonna is the original "monster queen." Lady Gaga has only taken the idea of "monstrosity" to the next level because we allowed it. And if we have allowed Madonna to influence society, we will allow Lady Gaga to do just the same.
Madonna will continue to promote anti-Catholicism, as will Lady Gaga.
But at least we can promote anti-Monstrocism. According to Wikipedia, the word monster is derived from the Latin monstrum, meaning an aberrant occurrence, normally morally objectionable, often physically or psychologically hideous, and has traditionally been taken as a sign of something wrong with the natural order. Merriam-Webster defines it as one who deviates from normal or acceptable behavior or character, or a person of unnatural and extreme ugliness, deformity, wickedness, and cruelty. When did this become acceptable? When did something morally objectionable become...not morally objectionable?
When we decided we no longer needed morals.
Let's change that, shall we?
I encourage all of you to read this and participate.
We can do a lot more than we think. And even if we don't succeed, at least we've tried. Let's be heroes; let's fight the monsters.

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