Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Round 2

As some of you may know, last June I was caught up in an unfortunate incident involving a finger, a belligerent fish monger, and a meat-slicer (only there was really no fish monger.) Shortly thereafter, said finger was stitched back together. However, it was stitched misfortunately so, and thus doth my right ring finger appear jagged and misshapen.
I am currently sitting in the office of my dad's restaurant, the Madison Diner (home to the best Bean Soup in the Midwest), with super glue holding my head together.
Yes. I, Sebastian Misleh, not one year after the last incident, and not even six months since having broken a finger while fighting a piano (I won), have experienced a whole new method of laceration repairs.
But Sebastian, why do you have super glue on your head?
A good question, my good fellow. Allow me to explain.
This morning, I pulled in to work at precisely 7:05 AM. It was still rather dark outside, and there were no lights shining in my direction. As I shut the door to my car and turned the corner, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my head. I realized that I had smashed my head into the sharp, metal corner of the window panes that open outwards. However, the pain increased as I felt the warmth of blood pour down my face and begin to drip onto my glasses. My first thought: I am not going to the hospital and paying too much money for a poor stitching job. I remained affirmed in my conviction for the remainder of the day.
I rushed inside, and saw my father sitting at the counter. Upon seeing me, he knew what had happened, and we quickly cleaned up the wound. It was rather deep, and even though it did not necessarily hurt a great deal, it just kept bleeding. Within about fifteen minutes, we had got the bleeding down and bandaged it. I continued to work while trying to figure out what we would do.
And then, he entered.
Rob Radford, boxing trainer extraordinaire, and a good friend of my father. He had taught us how to box, and it was at his gym where we used to box. Upon hearing the story, he explained that although he had some one to go train, he would be back within several hours and would bring his "kit."
So, as a fitting end to the story that I was brutally attacked by a window pane, and although I eventually beat it into submission, it left me greatly scarred (that is what happened), Rob cleaned me up, stuck some iodine and other such fun stuffs into the gash, and then super-glued the wound shut.
Wow, Sebastian. Sounds like you've had a rough time.
No. Not at all. I did good work with my dad today, fed some people, defeated a malevolent window pane, thereby ridding the world of one more great evil, and then proceeded to glue my head back together in traditional boxing style (check off the ol' bucket list.)
And I didn't go to the hospital and get stitches.
Round 2, victory.
Ready for Round 3!
(But don't tell my mom that.)

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