Wednesday, February 22, 2012

True Love

True love is the man who will fight through any and all difficult trials and sufferings to remain with the one woman to whom he promised himself at marriage.
True love is the young girl who is saving every part of herself, even her first kiss, for the husband she already loves, the husband she loves before marriage.
True love is the woman who loved the unborn child in her womb so much that even when confronted with a deadly uterine tumor, rather than accept a hysterectomy at the cost of the child's life, she offered her own life in place of the child's, accepting death only seven days after the birth of her final child, Gianna Emmanuela Molla.
True love is the woman who underwent the same circumstances as the woman mentioned above but survived, bearing a child who would go onto become a devout priest and inspire hundreds to the message of Christ, myself included.
True love is the Victoria's Secret model who quit lingerie modeling in order to better honor her Christian faith, her husband, and her body, blessed by God. ( )
True love is another woman who walked out on a modeling job after realizing that her body was sacred, and worth honoring, not degrading, and now speaks to thousands of women a year in order to spread the message of purity. (
True love is the hundreds of young women, some no older than ten years old, who gave their lives rather than their virginity in order to follow the message of Jesus Christ during the early Roman persecution of Catholics. (St. Agnes, St. Lucy, St. Ursula, St. Cecilia, etc., etc.)
True love is the virtuous men around the world who fight off the temptation to use and degrade women, whether actually or through pornography, and honor them instead in every way.
True love is waiting for sex rather than using contraceptives and putting a woman at risk for cancer.
True love is waiting for sex rather than putting each other at risk for sexually transmitted diseases.
True love is waiting for sex rather than impregnating a young woman and tempting her to get an abortion.
True love is standing by a woman even after she has become pregnant and supporting her to bear the child.
True love is any one who is willing to die for any one.
True love is the message of a man who was both willing and able to die for all of humanity and the sins of humanity, and to rise again on Easter Sunday to open the Gates of Heaven to us all.
46 Days until the celebration of Christ's Resurrection from the dead and the salvation of all mankind.
Happy Lent!

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